19 February 2012 – Baptised

In this year, I made a decision to be baptized again. I was sprinkled as a 16-year-old and later in life, came to the conclusion that full immersion is how baptism should be done. Thus I was baptized again.

02 March 2012 – Shaving my hair for CANSA

Roughly a week before CANSA’s Shavathon of March 2012, I felt Holy Spirit prompt me to shave my hair off and donate it to CANSA. My hair was quite long at the time and I had very mixed feelings about it. The church that I attended at the time, advised me NOT to shave my hair.

As the Lord is my highest authority, I decided to do as He says. I asked my church to come and attend and support the cause while representing Christianity and everything Jesus did for us.

They refused.

At the time I was engaged and my fiancé came with me. Two years prior he introduced me to his church which we attended together.

2 March was a Friday. On the Saturday the church leaders called him and asked if I had actually shaved off my hair. They refused to talk to me directly. He told them that I did and they replied that I was no longer allowed in their church unless I wore a head covering – seeing as my hair was my crown and I had that shaved off. And I was no longer allowed to sing in the church band – of which I often sang as lead female vocalist. I felt something was VERY wrong and that I could not stay in that church. I had my doubts for several months and this confirmed my suspicion. I don’t often give ultimatums, but that day I told my fiancé that I could no longer attend that church, that their doctrine is false and that he has to choose between me and his church.

He chose his church.

And in less than 24 hours, I lost my hair, my fiancé, my dreams of a ‘happy ever after’, my friends of the last two and a half years and my place of worship. The carpet was pulled hard from underneath me and I painfully crashed down.

I was devastated.

At times I wanted to crawl back on hands and knees, begging for forgiveness. Telling them I was wrong and pleading for them to take me back.

I felt terribly lonely.

And I cried a lot!

But Jesus is true and faithful. And He withheld me. I prayed and asked the Lord to give me just ONE more reason to convince me that I had made the right decision to leave that church. On a specific day, He asked me:

Holy Spirit: What do you do when you anoint something?

Me: It is declared holy unto the Lord.

Holy Spirit: Will a satanic bible every be holy?

Me: No Lord. Never.

And that day I knew I had become so blinded by my position in the church. By status and material desires. By earthly things that go against God’s grain.

I had peace and closed that chapter of my life.

The church leader was an ex-satanist who proclaimed that he was saved. However, many times I felt uncomfortable with his teachings and I thought of leaving that church several times. He told the story of how he had been saved as a satanist and how he had kept his satanic bible as proof of where he came from. But that we did not need worry, because it was safely locked in his vault AND he anointed it!!!

To make it … safe!   … !?!?

It would be the very first thing I would burn as a convert to Christianity!!!

For months I had known that there was something seriously wrong, but I ignored The Holy Spirit who warned me to leave and ultimately I believe shaving my hair was the Lord’s way of getting my eyes to open. And they did, to many things.

I learned later on that many of the people who attended that church, had also left. Their eyes also opened to the truth. I praise God for that. I also learned that the pastor and his wife had actually stolen the church from someone else, despite always telling us how they started it.

I remember one day I climbed into the shower which had a big mirror against the wall. I saw myself and my shaved head and it looked plain ugly! I wailed and moaned at God. It looks so ugly, why did You make me do it??!!

At that moment I experienced what a woman would go through having lost her hair from chemo to save her life from cancer. I felt deep compassion and God brought to mind that some women do not only lose their hair but a breast or both, their health, sometimes a husband who deserts them and often their lives. In a split second, a wide spectrum of the anguish that women with cancer go through went through my mind and manifested right in my heart.

I crumbled to my knees sobbing bitterly for my selfishness and lack of compassion. I cried until the water ran cold.

I had lost many loved ones to cancer and though it touched me deeply, I never fully understood the trauma of cancer, as I did that day. As though it was my own body afflicted with it.

The church leaders at the church where I used to attend were upset that I cut my hair off. They said it was my crown. I am glad that I could give my crown to CANSA to make a wig for someone who does not have a crown of her own anymore.

In the weeks that followed I spent a lot of time crying, praying and seeking the Lord diligently. My first Love that I had forsaken, was back in my life. All along He waited for me with open arms and I realised how much I had LONGED for Him. How wrong I had been. No man or church is worth giving up my King. Jesus HAS to be my first love and He MUST also be the first love of the man I end up spending the rest of my life with and of the church we attend. Anything less than that is a “no go”.

I went back to my old church – River of Life – feeling quite exposed with no hair on my head. Friends at my old church welcomed me back and I was grateful for their acceptance of me, after having been gone for two and a half years. And not a single one judged me for not having hair.

One specific Sunday on my way to church, I was crying bitterly over my baptism. For many weeks it was a huge prayer in my heart. I asked God if I needed to be baptized again seeing as the church leaders of the church where I was baptized, had completely false doctrines and hidden agendas.

As I approached River of Life’s street, the Lord said to me: No, you need not be baptized again. You are baptized in Me. And just like the radical obedience you showed to shave your hair, I will do a radical thing for you. And just as your hair is growing out anew, I will do a new thing for you.

I realised that God is greater than we are. His thoughts stretch far beyond our imaginations. He is infinitely wiser, multi-dimensional, deeper, higher, wider, greater. And He gives peace that surpasses all understanding.

I had peace and still have peace about my baptism. Despite the church, I am baptized in Christ who sees the very intention of every heart. I thank God that He is the Judge and not people.

2 May 2012 – Meeting with Dalene: God has a big plan for your life

Because I was still heart-sore about everything that had happened at my previous church, I asked to be counseled at the church I was attending then. Pastor Dalene Gibbens at River of Life Family Church in Vanderbijlpark saw to my counseling. Dalene is the co-founder of the church, along with her husband, pastor Eddy Gibbens.

My first appointment was on 2 May 2012 at 11:00 as noted in my diary of 2012. During that meeting, I had a very fruitful conversation with Dalene, who in her female authoritative capacity and obedience to Christ, provided me with much-needed sustenance to keep my trust in Christ and my faith alive.

At one point in our conversation, her eyes welled up and she told me: God has a very big plan for your life. It is really very big.

I felt a tiny prick of enthusiasm, but I could just not get quite as revved up as Dalene was at the time. That she became emotional and her eyes welled up with tears, made me wonder exactly what God had planted in her heart about my future.

After our meeting, I went home wondering what God had in mind for me … a loser in the eyes of the world. And my own.

1 June 2012 – Second meeting with Dalene – God is repairing a Stradivarius

My second meeting with Dalene was on 1 June 2012 at 08:00 as indicated in my diary of 2012. It is possible that our meeting was postponed to a bit later, but I can not remember for sure. During this counseling session, Dalene made a comment that ultimately changed the direction of my thoughts toward myself.

She said: I see the hands of God, repairing a Stradivarius. What is a Stradivarius?

Dalene did not clearly know what a Stradivarius was, but God knew that I would know. Having grown up in a musically talented family, having worked in a music shop, having a passion for music … I knew very well what a Stradivarius was. I told her that they are very old and special violins. I asked her if she knew that and she said not really, only that she saw God’s hands repairing a violin and that it was a Stradivarius.

Needless to say, I rushed home to my laptop to brush up on my knowledge of Stradivarius and with a massive prayer in my heart: Lord, what is this message that You are giving me? What is my calling and will I be strong enough for it? As per my usual procedure, I pray for the Holy Spirit to lead me to what He wants me to see. I saved a pic of a Strad found on Wikipedia – which is one of the sites I mostly use as they make a point of giving facts and not opinions. The date of the pic that I saved on my laptop, correlates with the date in my diary. What I am telling, is the truth.

As I was reading, I remembered that the Stradivari instruments were considered to be so unique that the sound of it could not be duplicated for many, many years, if ever.

Thank you to Wikipedia for this information.

As I was reading, the words that jumped out was “stunted … growth”. I believe that the unique sound produced by Stradivari instruments is caused by the stunted growth of the trees from which Stradivari used the wood to manufacture their instruments. See the Wikipedia insert below. At that point, the Lord said to me: You are a late bloomer and I will use your stunted growth to produce a sound that will never be duplicated again.

Suddenly I stopped hating my life and who I was. I realised that late bloomers do not DO everything at the same time as everyone else. We get to do it … later. While all my friends got married and were having children, here I was – unwedded and childless at the age of 34. But I started grasping the concept and made peace with God’s plan. I did not realise it would take another 5 years before I get to bloom and come to fruition, but God’s plan is always a better plan. In fact, it is the BEST plan, no matter how painful it may seem at the time. And make no mistake, I moaned and groaned a lot about being lonely and childless. I so crave a family of my own. In God’s time and provision, He will provide and I am grateful that He is so understanding and that He has not abandoned me despite my failure sometimes to fully trust in Him.

Violin Repaired by God
I created this image to remind me that God is repairing me.

Mid June 2012 – Writing & teaching

A sudden urge hit me to write a teaching about Godly Stewardship and I titled the book/teaching: Handling my finances God’s way. The book took me two years to complete and is a comprehensive account of how God wants us to be good stewards of everything He gives us. Initially, the book started out with the focus on finances, using my legal and financial background to guide readers, but as Holy Spirit lead me, it expanded to stewardship as a whole. I also wanted to register a ministry under which to teach what God was teaching me.

After loads of prayer, I settled with the name Galilee Educational Ministry. GEM for short. I started the registration process in mid-June 2012. However, my paperwork got lost and I only ended up registering in November 2012.

Between June and September 2012 – praying for a sign on my calling

In the weeks that followed, I prayed for a sign that I will be strong enough for God’s calling on my life. No, I did not ask Him what my calling was. I did not have the guts just then. But I desperately needed to know if I was up to the task. For some weeks it was a desperate prayer in my heart and often uttered verbally.

Out of the blue, God reminded me of a story my mother had told me about my birth. I was born a month premature on 10 January and not somewhere early in February as I should have been. I do not know if I was in an incubator or not, near or next to her bed. For some reason, I lay on my tummy, not on my back as babies mostly do.   At the super tender age of only three days I, a weak and premature baby, pushed myself up on my arms – like someone doing a push-up – and looked at the world around me. I remember my mom telling me what a fright she got and how she almost fell out of her bed or off of her chair (can’t remember which) for it.

Excitedly I phoned my aunt, asking her if she could recall this story that my mother told, but sadly she could not, as she had amnesia at the time – due to my uncle’s sudden passing and the shock to her system. I phoned my sister and asked her if she could remember it. She took a little while to think about it and confirmed that she vaguely remembered my mom telling her this story.

How amazing this wonderful God we serve. He KNEW I was going to ask for a sign and He, in His infinite wisdom, provided one more than thirty years before!!! Oh Jesus, you truly know how to write the script of someone’s life! You are INDEED the Author and Perfector of our lives!

Because our gracious God had given me a sign to affirm His purpose for my life, I naturally became very excited about what it was.

Thus, the prayer in my heart changed from “am I strong enough” to “Lord, what IS Your purpose for my life? What IS my calling?” This was a prayer in my heart and on my lips, for several weeks.

22 September 2012 – Dalene & Chantel prayed for me

At times, I seriously doubted whether I was worthy of a huge calling. It clearly does not take a lot for our faith to be shaken. Just as the Israelites walked through the sea on dry ground and soon after doubted God’s goodness, I too had my doubts. I was wondering if what I had heard from Him truly WAS from Him. I started to wonder if it was not perhaps MY own vain ideas about myself. Obviously being too ashamed that perhaps I was vain, I chose not to discuss my doubts with anyone.   I kept it between me and God. Mostly to myself, seeing as asking Him and getting a reply, might further my doubts as to whether indeed it was Him or not. I had not even VERBALLY uttered my doubts. It was all in my heart and mind.

Here comes the amazing part: God is SO accommodating that He will provide a means in which He will answer us, without answering us directly! He will use external communication if need be. On issues that NO ONE will know about, except oneself and Him. He is God and He is sovereign! And all things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called by His glorious Name.

I do not often attend evening prayer sessions, but this week of prayer, I felt seriously compelled by the Holy Spirit to attend that Saturday night. I had written it in pen, in my diary the Sunday before, when it was announced and when the day came, I felt urged to go. And I did.

Initially, I sat alone, but after a little while, I went to sit next to Dalene and Chantel. Dalene was praying for Chantel and I prayed with them. When Dalene finished her prayer, she put her hands on my head and started praying for me. Then she said: Father (she expressly used the word Father) is telling me to tell you that everything He is telling you, is the truth. That it does indeed come from Him and that it is NOT your own thoughts!

My jaw dropped and the tears flowed.

The relief was immense and when I got home, I grabbed a pencil and scribbled in my diary, what Dalene had told me. I cried a lot.

±26 September 2012 – God revealed His calling for my life

Knowing that the sign God had given me, was real and knowing that His calling for my life, was indeed big and having prayed about it for many months, He suddenly revealed it to me!

My business was doing so poorly, for months nothing seemed to come to anything much. I felt as though I was fighting a losing battle as far as my business was concerned. Nothing took shape, it all fell apart. I had a lovely, huge wooden desk behind which I worked. And beautiful wooden floors. I spent a year renovating the interior of my house. And a garden which I had lovingly planted, sowed and picked from. And an Olympic sized pool in the backyard. I felt it all slowly slipping through my fingers.

Discouraged. Down and out. Despondent.

I pushed my chair back to go make coffee (or something, can’t quite remember) and as I was hovering in mid-air between getting up and sitting down, God showed it to me.

A single word in Afrikaans.

It appeared in my mind’s eye, in the upper corner, on the left-hand side in front of me. The left hand being the logical side, thus it is the logical outcome of God’s plan for my life and what He had put in my heart and not the right-hand side, which is the creative side of something I could have conjured up myself. The other amazing thing about this is that I was not thinking of anything specific at the time, except to get up and go make coffee or go to the loo, or whatever it was I wanted to go do. I remember that I needed a break away from my desk, hence my decision to get up. But having an epiphany in mid-air, between sitting and standing up, was not how I normally received great ideas. In addition to that, as I was bent over my desk getting up and I seeing the word appear in perfect Afrikaans on my left-hand side, every conceivable thought of what that word entailed, flashed through my mind in a split second. In my mind’s eye, I saw every one of those thoughts move out of my mind and into this word on my left and it disappeared into that word. THEN that word, containing all my thoughts of what it entailed, moved from the left of my view and came and nestled itself right in my chest, in between my ribs.

I literally felt it sinking into my body, where the two sides of my rib cage come together in the middle. Into my core!

It was mere seconds, yet so BIG that it drained the strength out of me and I simply slumped back into my chair, arms dangling on the sides. Momentarily, I sat frozen, my mind racing.

I started laughing.

God said: Why are you laughing?

Me: I’m not laughing Lord.

God: Yes you are.

And I remembered the story of Sarah laughing at God after she heard that she would conceive at the age of 90 years. How incredibly ridiculous, yet God’s perfect will.

I apologized to the Lord for having laughed at His plan for me. I only laughed because I certainly do not think as highly of myself as He clearly does. And just as Sarah did, I thought it impossible. Until God pointed out exactly HOW possible it is.

I obviously immediately called my sister and asked her if she was sitting down. I told her that God has revealed His plan for my life. My sister received regular updates, so she knew I was praying about my calling. Straight after I told her, she started laughing. I felt a tiny bit of insecurity, but the flame inside me was burning too hot to be extinguished. After a little chat, we said goodbye.

After a few days, perhaps two weeks, I called my sister again and asked her what she thought about what I had told her. She told me that she too laughed about it at first and then God asked her why she was laughing and that she too responded like Sarah – and me – saying that she was not laughing after which God reminded her that she was! She further told me that God asked her: Why not? Why can He not use, whomever He wishes? After several more minutes, we said goodbye and hung up.

In the weeks and months that followed, I told a few people of my calling. One specific lady, Tessa, confirmed that she attended a different church on a Sunday and that someone at that church confirmed what my calling was. At another occasion, Tessa and I were at prayer cell and an African gentleman, who only visited our cell once or twice before, got up and confirmed at his church that he attended that day, the same calling was confirmed. Immediately Tessa and I looked at each other, knowing what the man had said, was the truth.

Some of the people that I told, completely rejected it and spoke very negatively over my calling.

±26 October 2012 – Warrior in armour

In this week – the exact date was not noted – I had a dream about a battle. I was dressed as a warrior in armour. In my dream, I was somewhat anxious and there were certain things I had to do, to succeed and that it was a huge battle. I experienced that the reward if I succeeded, was tremendous. But I also experienced the opposite: the equally tremendous consequences of disobedience.

I woke from the dream, puzzled and with mixed feelings. Remembering that the reward was great, but I was worried about failing.

I went to the bathroom and got back into bed.

I fell asleep and dreamt the exact same dream again.

10 November 2012 – My first ever 40 Day Fast started

CIPC had somehow managed to lose my paperwork for registering GEM and I decided to take a drive to Pretoria to sort it out. At the same time, I wanted to see my grandmother, uncle and aunt who lived there. After concluding my business and talking about Jesus to the gentleman who helped me, I set off to see Grandma Thelma, my uncle Japie and my aunt Joy. It was only us three ladies initially. I told them what the Lord had shown me about my calling and then I asked Grandma to bless me, as my parents and grandad were no longer alive to do so. I read in the Old Testament that the fathers blessed their children and I wanted to be blessed by my grandmother. Aunt Joy and I sat by her feet as she prayed and blessed me and to my delight, she extended her blessing to my sister and her family and every single one of my cousins and their families. It was a WONDERFUL moment! God designed these things to KNIT His children closer to one another. Not only as blood relatives but as a spiritual family in Christ.

10 November 2012 – Grandma Thelma Knox-MacBride blessed us

CIPC had somehow managed to lose my paperwork for registering GEM and I decided to take a drive to Pretoria to sort it out. At the same time, I wanted to see my grandmother, uncle and aunt who lived there. After concluding my business and talking about Jesus to the gentleman who helped me, I set off to see Grandma Thelma, my uncle Japie and my aunt Joy. It was only us three ladies initially. I told them what the Lord had shown me about my calling and then I asked Grandma to bless me, as my parents and grandad were no longer alive to do so. I read in the Old Testament that the fathers blessed their children and I wanted to be blessed by my grandmother. Aunt Joy and I sat by her feet as she prayed and blessed me and to my delight, she extended her blessing to my sister and her family and every single one of my cousins and their families. It was a WONDERFUL moment! God designed these things to KNIT His children closer to one another. Not only as blood relatives, but as spritual family in Christ.

I went home, feeling mightily blessed and highly favoured.

12 December 2012 – Thomas goes to Eagles Wings camp

December school holidays came and the Holy Spirit prompted me to send my sister’s eldest on a Christian camp in Fochville. This camp was called Eagle’s Wings. Thomas gave his life to Christ and returned a young man, hungry for the Lord and His Word.

19 December 2012 – My 40 Day Fast ends

The last day of my fast came up! Despite the Lord taking me through it, I felt very low. I was in a relationship at the time with a man I will refer to as RG. This man had a lot of emotional baggage and he was pulling me down with him. He constantly would pitch at my house, swear to be faithful to me, then disappear again for weeks at a time without giving me a reason for leaving. Often I was so confused and wondered if it was something I did wrong. I felt trapped and unable to escape. Hopeless. On this last day of my fast, I was exhausted, hungry and very low because of this man bringing me down. I went to my garage and took out a rope to hang myself. I looked at the pitiful rope, thinking that it would probably snap. It was so thin. So I started weaving it, crochet style so that it would at least do the job properly. At that point, the Holy Spirit said to me: Ruth, you are tired. Go sleep a while. You will feel better when you wake up.

I dropped the rope and went to sleep, drained. When I woke several hours later, I felt much better. My thoughts were clearer and when I got to my living room and came across the rope, I was ashamed at what I wanted to do. I realised then that when we are tired, our mind becomes a playing field for the enemy and he uses every single opportunity he gets. Therefore, it is important that we get good nutrition, quality sleep and quality relaxation when we are not working and that our working hours should be reasonable.

27 December 2012 – Proverbs 1

When I read Proverbs 1 in 2010, the Holy Spirit told me to make a mental note of verses 10 – 15 with specific reference to verses 14 and 15.

In December 2012 I was reading Proverbs 1 again and I remembered Holy Spirit’s prompting to make a mental note of these verses.

God showed me the connection between Isaiah 59 and Proverbs 1:10 – 19 by connecting Proverbs 1:16 to Isaiah 59:7.

I asked: Lord, you said I must remember these verses. What do they mean?

Pro 1:14, 15  throw in your lot among us; we will all have one purse”— my son, do not walk in the way with them; hold back your foot from their paths,

In Afrikaans:

AOV – Spreuke 1:14, 15 – jy sal jou lot onder ons werp, ons sal almal een beurs hê— my seun, gaan nie met hulle saam op die weg nie, hou jou voet terug van hulle pad;

Holy Spirit then told me that verse 14 refers to the coming New World Order and their plans to create a One World System which has one currency, one language and one religion and that religion is not true Christianity, where Jesus is King and Saviour.

I prayed and asked God to reveal everything He wanted me to know in this regard. I make use of Google and I always pray that God will show me what He wants to show me. I Googled “one world currency”. At first, the Euro came up but that will not be the one world currency, as God had indicated in the book of Daniel, that Europe and the Middle East will never be united again and be as powerful as it used to be. Despite European countries marrying across the borders in efforts to unite Europe once more, it never happened and the Euro Currency also failed to unite Europe. God has spoken and it is so.

So I had to dig a little deeper and I found some suggestions such as Bitcoin or SDR, but the comments on that being a one world currency, were opinions, not facts. That they exist is a fact, but I could not find any facts that either one of them, will be the single currency of the world. I find Wikipedia to be very factual, so I looked there and came across WOCU. World Currency Unit.


See the article info as saved on my computer. I can not seem to find the Wikipedia info that I saved. It might possibly have been lost at some stage.

At the time when I Googled this, in 2012, it stated that the Wocu was already being used and tested in 20 different countries.

Wikipedia’s take on “The WOCU”

The Wocu (a contraction of World Currency Unit) is a standardized basket of currencies — the national currencies of the 20 largest national economies measured by GDP.

The official site of WOCU, www.wocu.com

has the following to say about their World Currency Unit:

The solution exists. Welcome to the WOCU.

The WOCU is a global composite currency derivative covering the world’s top 20 economies, representing the vast majority of global production. Weighted elegantly and logically based on International Monetary Fund GDP figures, the WOCU’s low volatility offers market professionals and individuals alike a natural currency stabilisation, hedging against exchange rate volatility and individual currency purchasing power.

After studying the Wocu currency, the Holy Spirit then drew my attention to verse 15 of Proverbs 1

Proverbs 1:15  my son, do not walk in the way with them; hold back your foot from their paths,


Spreuke 1:15  my seun, gaan nie met hulle saam op die weg nie, hou jou voet terug van hulle pad;

The Lord showed me that South Africa is not to go along with this New World Order with their one world currency, one world language and especially their one world religion.

*See my Proverbs 1 testimony in 2015 about the James Bond movie, Spectre, which clearly talks about the New World Order and South Africa not partaking in it.

2012.12.27 - One Currency

As further evidence to my testimony, I have made a screenshot of the document I created on 27 December 2012. This document is an article and Bible verses that I found relating to a single currency. Nowhere in this article, did it mention Proverbs 1:14, 15, but it did lead me to the WOCU.

26 December 2012 – early February 2013 – House marked for a break-in

I spent Christmas with friends, not having any idea where RG was. I ate with my best friend Seef and his family and afterward I went to my best friend Marusharne for a little while. I shared with her God’s calling for my life. After that, I went home and promptly fell asleep. Around midnight I had a terrible nightmare about a car crash. With a fright I awoke, my heart beating in my chest. Almost immediately after, I heard the whistle … a very distinct whistle and I knew instantaneously that God woke me just in time to hear that whistle. And also having my heart already racing in my chest, I was so pumped with adrenaline and ready for action. I knew that my house had been marked for a break-in and the criminals had followed the leads placed on the way to the house … marked X. The house, ready for breaking into.

I had gone to bed, without switching the alarm on. Or locking my bedroom door. I had stopped doing it many months before, so my cat could freely walk around the house without triggering the alarm and he could come into the room to sleep on my bed, as is our custom.

I jumped out of bed, locked the door – which happened to offer hardly any protection, it being one of those accordion doors – and switched on the alarm. I dialed the police station’s number and gave my details. They insisted on my number, seeing as many pranks take place especially around the Festive Season. As I gave my number, my airtime ran out before I gave the last three digits. Knowing that they will not send anyone unless they have my full number and perhaps thinking it might be a prank because the phone went dead before I gave my full number, I knew I urgently had to load airtime on my phone. I switched off the alarm, unlocked the door and dashed to the room across the hall, where my office was. Luckily my laptop was still switched on and I could quickly log into my bank account and load airtime. I dashed back to my bedroom, locked the door again and switched the alarm on. I called the station again and gave my full nr. They sent a van and the officers came and inspected my yard.

Every day, for just over a month, my house was marked for a break-in.

I have added a screenshot above of the pictures I took of some of the markers used to mark my house.  And the pic below shows the date range of the time my house was marked.  I did not take pictures of all the markers, only some.

I would sleep a maximum of 3 hours per night. I would lay awake at midnight and hear them running around in my yard. I would hear how they jump over the wall. The police officers already knew my house by heart. Eventually, I felt like no one believed me that my house was being marked, so I took pictures of the markers put into place.

Every single evening or at night, I would walk in front of my yard, looking for the markers, to remove them. Clearly the spotters – who place the markers there for the actual burglars to know where to break in – became aware of the fact that I removed their markers and they became more crafty in placing the markers. One day, as I was walking on my sidewalk and I could not see a marker placed on the ground. I prayed: Lord, please show me the marker. I can’t see one and I KNOW that they are still marking my place.

As I walked up again, to the end of my sidewalk, as I got to the center, Holy Spirit said to me: look up, at the wall. Exactly where I was standing, to my left, they had taken a piece of rope and tied it onto the fence on the wall. I would never have thought of looking up there. Worst is, the rope used, was from a cupboard right at my back door. I used it to tie up tomato plants. From then onwards, I checked the trees, everywhere. The last time I found a marker, it was an A4 ad that a person placed on the notice board at the café across the road. The spotters took this ad and made an arrow pointing to my house and attached it to the neighbours’ gate, hoping I would not see it there.

Sometime in the month that my house was marked, the neighbours also had a frightening experience as the burglars tried to break in there, while they were inside the house. The flying squad arrived there and when they were there, I went outside to tell them that my house was also being marked daily. The two officers who assisted me became my friends and are great brothers in Christ.

During the time that my house was marked, many police officers came to assist me. Some knew my address by heart and even years later, when I bumped into an officer, he asked if I was the lady of that specific address.

One night out of sheer frustration I switched on the porch light, took my pillow and duvet and slept on the porch, hoping the burglars would think that I was waiting for them. I actually was.

The very last day that I lived in fear of a break-in, was when I heard a rustle in the tree next to my bedroom – the tree in which the burglars would climb to get into my yard. It was early February and I had had enough. I grabbed my torch and headed outside to face these criminals and put an end to it! This time around, I did not hear the usual tekkie hitting the ground when they jumped down. But nonetheless, I went outside. As I approached the tree, the leaves rustled quite a bit, my heart beat in my throat and the first thing I thought was: Ruth, you are waaay to close to this tree. They can jump on top of you. The second thought was the Holy Spirit telling me that no person on this planet is skinny enough to sit on branches as thin as those at the end of the tree, where I was standing. God had built into us, survival mechanisms which will cause us to do either one of three in a moment of fear: fight, flight or freeze. I was frozen.

The weak light of my torch clearly highlighted the leaves rustling and the next minute I heard a thud on the neighbours’ garage roof. I pointed my light there and saw a huge, big, fat rat running in the opposite direction. As the adrenaline subsided I had an instantaneous headache and my heart crawled back into my rib cage from out of my throat.

I went back inside and went to sleep. The fear was gone. The burglars were gone. And my house was in the market to be sold.

29 December 2012 – Raped

I had not heard from RG and out of the blue he contacted me to go with him to the South Coast to spend New Years with his parents. I was not sure if it was a good idea but decided to go anyway. Hurriedly I arranged with a friend to stay over at my place, giving him the low down on the burglars marking the place, how to water the garden and feed my cat. He stayed over on the night of the 28th, which was also the night that RG made his appearance so we could leave early on the 29th. I had made up my mind that I was not going to be sexually intimate with RG anymore, as I never knew where he was or what he was up to. He did, unfortunately, have to share my bed and despite me saying no and my efforts to keep him off me, he pinned me down and saw it as a game or a challenge. I held my hand between my legs, so he could not have access, while repeatedly saying no. In my effort to get away, I ended up with my head right up against the wall, twisted sideways and very uncomfortable.

He took my hand away and had his way with me. I was too ashamed to scream and lay there thinking: so this is what it is like being raped.

Not by a stranger, but by a man I loved and cared for. A man who could not commit or be faithful.

Two weeks after, I went to the police station to make a case against him, however, I withdrew it out of fear that he would hurt me or do something completely crazy. I was in contact with his ex-wife. She told me that he had often gone out drinking and staying out until the early morning hours and would then come home and demand sex of her and if she refused, he would also have his way with her, despite her saying now.

Early the following day we left for the coast and RG insisted on having the radio on. The secular music drained me spiritually – having been forced to listen to it (most of it being rubbish) the entire six-hour drive there. My soul felt exhausted from it.

RG did not spend much time with me, he was cold and distant and terribly rude. We fought a lot. It was one of the worst breakaways I have ever had.

1 January 2013 – Yay, no radio

Dreading the journey home and the six-hour secular music bombardment, I prayed for deliverance from it. RG fiddled with the radio but could not pick up any stations. Just a hissing noise, which he turned down very quietly.

Thank you Jesus, I prayed. I had done nothing to the radio, but I know Who did.

All the way home, the radio could not pick up a single station and there were no CDs in the car. It was blissfully quiet. At Deneysville, about 30 minutes away from home, the radio suddenly started playing again.

I could not help but smile at how wonderfully the Lord undertakes in even the smallest of our needs.


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