Return to religious gatherings - 2021.02

Dear Mr Ramaphosa,

as a religious person, I feel that it is unfair that we may not attend religious gatherings, whilst other institutions like cinemas and casinos are open.

With immediate effect, we wish to return to our religious gatherings, even with a maximum of 50 people per attendance. All Covid regulations will be followed, as in shops and businesses and previously in our gathering places.

We wish to sing at church and also give in our offering in the usual manner, seeing as money gets exchanged at shops, businesses and even casino’s, in the usual manner.

In Christianity, we wish to baptise those who want to be baptised and feel that such an important rite should not be denied any person who wishes to do so. The same goes for the legal rites of other religions.

The discrimination that has been ongoing against religious persons and practices is unacceptable, especially in a liberated country such as South Africa. We may not gather at a maximum of 50 people ONCE PER WEEK, but cinemas and casinos may be frequented DAILY.

Therefore, Mr President, on the grounds of every struggle fought for equality and fairness and that which is right and lawful in this country, we urgently petition you to allow us to return to our religious gatherings with immediate effect.

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Yours sincerely, The Petitioner
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