January 2017 – I am coming

The last two weeks of January the overwhelming message that I received was:

I am coming and My reward is in My hand.  I am coming and My reward is in My hand.  I am coming and My reward is in My hand.

Revelation 22:12  And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. (KJV)

The same message came from various avenues:  Whatsapp, Radio Pulpit, sermons I was listening to and seminars I was watching.  I desperately had the feeling that we, the Christians, have to get ready.

Before Jesus comes, there will be greater persecution of Christians.  And we have to be ready.

1 February 2017 – Die to self, forgive

On the 1st of February I had a very vivid dream. When I was little there used to be a TV series of a little clay man, called Morph. I dreamt that a friend did a mini-movie using a clay man like Morph. In my dream, the clay man lay flat on his back and pushed himself across the floor, with his feet.   As he was doing that, he said: die to self, die to self, die to self.  As he ended his words, he pushed himself into a grave, dug in the ground.  The next moment an aluminium plate appeared behind the grave and scooped the soil into the grave, burying the clay man.

Clay man Morph 2
I found a pic of clay man Morph, which we watched on TV as children many years ago.  The clay man in my dream was similar.

The next moment, a right hand burst through the wall, at the head of the grave and gave a thumbs up. Next to it, the left hand burst through the wall, making the hitchhiker signal and I remember in my dream that I felt a huge urgency to get to somewhere, even if it meant I had to hike there.

Immediately after that, I woke and precisely as I woke, a name came to my mind, crystal clear:  Doorn Kleuterskool.

It is the crèche that I attended in my fourth and fifth year, before going to primary school.  I had not heard that name in over a decade and when I did, it was not much.  It was over thirty years ago.

As I lay in the darkness, my heart racing in my throat, Holy Spirit reminded me that the overwhelming theme of the week before was forgiveness. The message of forgiveness crossed my path so many times the week before and the entire week I wondered if there was someone I had not yet forgiven. The little clay man in my dream made it very clear that I have to humble down and die to self. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me and that dying to self is good and necessary – the thumbs up. Furthermore, it was impressed upon me to go to Doorn Crèche, to stand on that ground and forgive someone for something they had done to me. For some years I had wondered if I was not molested as a child, but I do not remember anything happening at the crèche. I have heard many times that trauma can cause people to forget. Little pieces of the puzzle were given to me and certain things started to make sense. Something that came very clearly to my mind, was that what had happened to me as a child, caused me to reject men’s authority.  Not as though I purposefully would reject their authority relationally, but as though a spirit of rejection hung over me and I can not seem to get rid of it.

I also experienced God telling me that if I do this act of forgiveness in obedience, He will open the flood gates of heaven for me. Every blessing that He has withheld from me (for His purpose) He will pour out to me. All the desires of my heart, all these seemingly unanswered prayers – those He will start giving me. But I have to go to in obedience and forgive and set free, someone for something.

Another aspect which became clear to me happened a few nights later.  I just got into bed, ready to go to sleep.  It was dark and I was troubled by the dream I had.  In my mind’s eye, I was a little girl again.  My mother had just dropped us off at the crèche and turned around to walk home.  We lived around the corner, a few hundred meters away.  As my mother walked away, I cried:  “Mamma!” with my one arm stretched out to her in an attempt to draw her attention, but she just kept on walking, not looking back even once.  I felt that she did not care to leave me there, at that place where something happened to me.  I felt abandoned.

I started crying. I love my mother dearly – both my parents – but for some reason there was always a sort of barrier between my mother and I. Many, many days, weeks and months I tried to figure out what that barrier was, but I could not until later in the year. As I lay in the dark, I voiced my forgiveness to my mother. Since that day, I gradually started losing weight, without changing my diet or exercising. For many years I battled to lose weight, but since forgiving my mother, it came naturally. Later this year, October 2017, I was listening to one of Dr. Michelle Strydom’s seminars. She explains how bitterness, resentment and unforgiveness can make us physically sick. At one point, she mentioned not feeling safe and I realised that the barrier between my mom and me was that I did not feel safe. I did not enjoy any protection from my mother. I wondered why I did not have that barrier with my father and the conclusion was that I did not have any expectation of protection from him, but I did from my mother and that that expectation was never met, hence the barrier.

Early February 2017 – A man

A man walked past me. I had never seen him before and only knew his name, surname and title.  The moment I saw him, the oddest thing happened: my spirit jumped up and my heart said: “there goes my husband”. As though it was an unknown fact imprinted in my heart, which surfaced the moment I saw him.  It was a knowing generated from the heart, not a logical, contemplated-from-the-head thought.

Beginning to mid February 2017 – Keep My commandments

The first two weeks of February 2017, the overwhelming message was:  keep My commandments and follow them diligently.

The message came from so many avenues, that I started scribbling the verses on a piece of paper.  I missed a few, but when I realised how many times it was given to me, I started making notes.

Gehoorsaam Gebooie



Joshua 22:5  Only be very careful to observe the commandment and the law that Moses the servant of the LORD commanded you, to love the LORD your God, and to walk in all his ways and to keep his commandments and to cling to him and to serve him with all your heart and with all your soul.”


Josua 22:5  Neem net noukeurig in ag die onderhouding van die gebod en die wet wat Moses, die kneg van die HERE, julle beveel het, om die HERE julle God lief te hê en in al sy weë te wandel en sy gebooie te onderhou en Hom aan te hang en Hom te dien met julle hele hart en met julle hele siel.



Psalm 1:1, 2  Blessed is the man who walks not in the counsel of the wicked, nor stands in the way of sinners, nor sits in the seat of scoffers; but his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night.


Psalm 1:1, 2  Welgeluksalig is die man wat nie wandel in die raad van die goddelose en nie staan op die weg van die sondaars en nie sit in die kring van die spotters nie; maar sy behae is in die wet van die HERE, en hy oordink sy wet dag en nag.


Psalm 119:165  Great peace have those who love your law; nothing can make them stumble.


Psalm 119:165  1Die wat u wet liefhet, het groot vrede, en vir hulle is daar geen struikelblok nie.



Joshua 1:8  This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.


Josua 1:8  Hierdie wetboek mag nie uit jou mond wyk nie; maar bepeins dit dag en nag, sodat jy nougeset kan handel volgens alles wat daarin geskrywe staan; want dan sal jy in jou weë voorspoedig wees, en dan sal jy met goeie gevolg handel.

Joel 2:18 (12)

I missed the correct verse for the Joel reference, but after looking it up, I noted that it was verse 12, not verse 18.


Joel 2:12  “Yet even now,” declares the LORD, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning;


Joel 2:12  Maar selfs nou nog, spreek die HERE, bekeer julle tot My met julle hele hart, en met vas en geween en rouklag.

March 2017 – Not in darkness

1 Thes 5.2

It was around the beginning of March 2017 when the Holy Spirit drew my attention to the following verses:

1 Thessalonians 5:2 – 4


2  For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night.
3  While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.
4  But you are not in darkness, brothers, for that day to surprise you like a thief.

AOV – 1 Thessalonicense 5:2 – 4

2  want julle weet self baie goed dat die dag van die Here kom net soos ‘n dief in die nag.
3  Want wanneer hulle sê: Vrede en veiligheid—dan oorval ‘n skielike verderf hulle soos die barensnood ‘n swanger vrou, en hulle sal sekerlik nie ontvlug nie.
4  Maar julle, broeders, is nie in duisternis, dat die dag julle soos ‘n dief sou oorval nie.

I scribbled these verses on a piece of paper and made a note “Now what’s coming”.  A feeling of urgency came over me and of exasperation.

13 March 2017 – Watch out!

I was walking to work not far from home.  I enjoy walking, as it gives me opportunities to minister with a smile to those I pass on the way.  I came to a double road and there was only one car, in the left lane and it was far away enough for me to cross.  As I was crossing the road, looking down, the Holy Spirit said to me:  Look up!  Look at the traffic!  I looked up to the road, but only saw the car that was still far away.

I went back and took a picture of the place where this happened. At the time when I was crossing the road, there was absolutely no danger.

So I asked:  What Lord?

The road makes a bend and at that very moment, I saw the lights of a red Mini Cooper S come from behind a shrub at a very high speed.  Perhaps doing 100 or 120 km/h in a 60 zone.

I edited a red Mini Cooper into this picture, to illustrate what I saw.

I ran across the road, out of the way and as I put my foot on the middle man, he passed behind me.  Had the Holy Spirit not warned me (again), I would probably have been killed.

Mid-March 2017 – Wrap it up and go to It’s Time

Three weeks after the announcement of Angus Buchan’s It’s Time gathering in Bloemfontein on 22 April 2017, I experienced the Lord saying to me to “Wrap it up, wrap it up, wrap it up.”  I was not sure what He was referring to, but I had an idea that He was referring to my business.

It was also at that time that I experienced God saying to me to attend the It’s Time gathering.  I knew I had to go, but I was disobedient in making arrangements to get there.  I received a mail from a church that I used to attend, that a bus was going for the day, at no cost to the passengers.  I passed up on the offer and decided I will get another lift there, for the day and I had no intention of driving there myself.  I left it and carried on with life.

It was also at that time that I experienced God saying to me to attend the It’s Time gathering.  I knew I had to go, but I was disobedient in making arrangements to get there.  I received a mail from a church that I used to attend, that a bus was going for the day, at no cost to the passengers.  I passed up on the offer and decided I will get another lift there, for the day and I had no intention of driving there myself.  I left it and carried on with life.

Last week of March 2017 – www.galileeministry.co.za

Around the last week of March 2017, I experienced that I have to create this website and have it finished by 1 April 2017.  I was scrambling for business at month-end and neglected to create this site.  I only registered it on 31 March 2017 and started working on it a month after, still adding my testimony for months to follow.  It displeases our Lord when we are disobedient.  The bulk of testimony was completed up to April 2017 by the end of November 2017.  The rest of 2017 was added early December 2017.

GEM Site Invoice

1 April 2017 – A discussion

After church I had a discussion with our preacher Peter, regarding membership at the church. We also briefly discussed my baptism. While he was talking to me his voice dropped a few tones lower and I experienced tenderness in his voice as I have never heard in any person before. Complete love for the Lord and His Word and a love for people.  All I could do was stutter.  In the days that followed, I prayed and asked God why the preacher’s words and the gentleness in his voice, stirred me so deeply.  What came up in my heart, was that that was the way Jesus spoke to people. With such tenderness born out of true concern for their well-being, yet seeking God’s will throughout. I saw and heard Christ in him. There were several other instances where I had the same experience of Christ-likeness in our preacher and I marveled at the impact it had on me. No wonder Jesus had so many followers.

21 April 2017 – Got to go!

The day before It’s Time.  I have not arranged any transport to get there and have passed up on any possible offers.  I contacted friends to find out if they were going.

Henru 1

But they were already there!

I cried the whole day and apologised to the Lord for my disobedience.  I confessed that I had vain imaginations and did not do the Father’s will, but my own instead.  I sent a Whatsapp on one of the business groups, hoping someone would be able to help.  I did not expect a response.

Need a lift

Bus tickets

See message

Got the tickets


The old phone I was using then had the time wrong on Whatsapp and I could never set it right. The message came through around 22:15. I very seldom go to bed so late much less check my business phone for messages at that time. I saw the text and became very excited. I called the lady who had the tickets and asked her to keep them for me. I jumped in my car, put petrol in and went looking for her street. I had a different idea of where it was and was about to continue straight when the Holy Spirit said to me: turn right here. Me: I’m sure it’s further down. But I turned anyhow and lo and behold, it was the right street.

The tickets were from a church that I used to attend – River of Life Family Church. I received a mail from them, that a bus was going and there was no cost involved but I decided not to take them up on their offer. It was one of the opportunities that I had passed up on. As a side-line remark: thank you to my friends at River of Life, for having made this trip possible for myself and those who travelled with the busses.

River of Life invitation to ride with
River of Life invitation to ride with

After collecting the tickets, I went home, showered and got ready for It’s Time. I was finished around 00:15 and went to bed for an hour or so.  I got up at 02:00 and got my things together to leave home at 03:00.  I was on the bus by 04:00 making our way to Bloemfontein.

22 April 2017 – It’s Time

Henru 2


And I was a part of it.

I know many people wanted to go, but could not. Gatherings were held at schools and churches, in every town on that day. I know there were many skeptics too. Irrespective, it was a day to go down in the books of history. And a day that I am sure God took note of. The day that South Africa called out to God.

I pulled these pics and videos off the net and do not know who to credit for them.

It's Time 45


20 May 2017 – Peace

For many years I had prayed over a woman who had terribly wronged me, almost 20 years prior. I had made up my mind to forgive her and prayed that I could come into contact with her again. At a specific time when she was very much in my thoughts and prayers again, I walked into a butchery, where I hardly ever buy at and there I bumped into her in-laws. They live 50 kilometers away and it was sheer providence that we were in the same shop at the same time. We chatted a bit and I took their numbers as well as hers. Another year had gone by before I ended up contacting her. On 20 May 2017 we had our first meeting, however, I did not make mention of the fact that I had forgiven her. Only at our next visit, did I tell her what I had forgiven her for. She profusely apologised and we embraced each other as sisters in Christ. Finally I understood how to experience complete forgiveness. To be at complete peace with someone who had terribly wronged me. Even if she did not apologise, I still would have had that peace. It is a peace that can only come from God. Of course, she had changed so much over the years and being born-again, felt compelled to ask for forgiveness and feeling much remorse for what she had done. Again, this could only come from God.

27 May 2017 – Like walking beside Jesus

On this day I had a meeting with Peter, the preacher at our church. We discussed several issues and as we walked out of the building where we had our meeting, I pointed out to him that the water of the fountain had a red tint to it.  I presumed it was to promote the wine route which was held every winter.  His spontaneous response was:  Jesus was here!  (Who turned the water into wine).  We had a giggle about it and as we walked on, I asked Peter if he uses alcohol at all.  He said no.  I said:  not even table wine.  (At the time I did not realise that the church does not permit the use of alcohol.  I was still a newby).  And he said no again.  Then his voice dropped a few notches as before and he explained to me that even one sip, is not good.  At that moment, I experienced Christ in him again and I felt like I was one of the Emmaus goers, listening to the wisdom he shared as I was walking beside him as they did when they walked alongside Jesus.

31 May 2017 – Prayer request

I attended prayer hour at our church and asked for prayer. The situation was desperate and I needed God’s help and for fellow Christians to stand in prayer with me.  It is mostly older congregants that attend prayer hour and I hugely honour and value their Godly wisdom.  They are my family.  Two days after our prayer meeting, God provided help for me and I was astonished at the speed at which my deliverance came.  I could not help but think of the verse:  the effectual fervent prayer of the righteous availeth much.  God is faithful, faithful, faithful!

6 June 2017 – Laughing baby

Sometimes life feels so purposeless. Things are not getting better and every day is a struggle. Almost to the point where a person feels like giving up. Then Jesus does something fantastic to uplift us. I was in town on my motorcycle and standing at the robot waiting for it to go green, an African lady walked past me, with her baby boy tied to her back. The little boy looked me right in the eyes and started to smile.   With my helmet on, he could only see my eyes. I smiled back. He kept looking at me and his smile turned into laughter. He turned his little head all the way back so he could keep looking at me until he couldn’t anymore, all the while laughing joyfully while looking me straight in the eyes. I marveled at this and wondered when last someone expressed such joy looking at me. When we feel at our lowest, tried to the point of exhaustion, Jesus sends something or someone to remind us that He sees our hurt and that He cares. A butterfly or a baby.

7 June 2017 – A job

I took my CV to a company in Naledi Industrial Park to apply for work. On my way there on my motorbike, I realised a bit late that I wanted to turn at the street that was on my right and I braked hard and turned. Because of the gravel on the road, my bike slipped and I fell. When I realised I was falling, I jumped off the bike, but the momentum still made me fall and I went skidding across the tar. Firstly I thought: “thank You God for my gloves” and secondly: “I better get out of the road before someone rides over me”. The lady in a white Ford bakkie behind me was so quick and the African helper who was with her. They both stood next to me, by the time I was up and stood by my bike.  The bike was still running and I switched it off.  I did not fall hard at all and I was so calm – it was almost frightening how calm I was.  I did not shake or stress … nothing.  As though it happens daily. The African man picked my bike up, as though he does it every day, with so much ease. Two guys in a golden bakkie stopped there to check if I was okay. The driver parked across the road so that oncoming traffic would see them when they came around the bend and not ride over me. They asked if I was okay and I showed them that I was. They left. The lady and her worker also left, but they returned when they saw me still standing there. I got onto my bike, but it would not start because it flooded, lying on its side. I explained to her that I just want to wait a moment before trying again. I assured her that I was fine and they left again, grateful to those who stopped and checked on me. I got on my bike, started it and rode further. During the day I was a bit nervous, once or twice, but I was amazed at how calm I was and the fact that I was not hurt at all. I was grateful for the people who stopped to check on me. God’s protection is life-saving.

Throughout the month that followed, I experienced Holy Spirit telling me that I have the job. Yet I heard nothing from the company for over a month and I carried on with life.  It was around the 12th of July when I was called for a first interview and the second interview was a few days later.  (I did not note it in my diary).  On 21 July I signed their offer and on the 24th I started working there.

9, 16 June 2017 – Naaman 1, 2, 3, 4

I was listening to Radio Pulpit and on this specific morning, mention was made of Naaman in the program called Searching the Scriptures (Verstaan jy wat jy lees) presented by Braam Klopper. I experienced the Holy Spirit pointing this piece of Naaman out to me.

During the program directly after that, which is referred to as Bible Q&A with Bonolo and pastor Tyrell Haag, Naaman was mentioned again and again Holy Spirit drew my attention to it.

Normally I do not switch my radio on after 6 pm, however this night, I switched it on around 9 pm and again mention was made of Naaman in the program Die Bybel vir Vandag, which is presented by Johann van Schalkwyk. Again Holy Spirit pointed this out to me.

On 16 June the name Naaman popped up again and again Holy Spirit pointed it out to me. I can not remember through which platform it was this time as I did not note it in my diary.

For some reason I kept thinking that it had to do with healing and that perhaps the Lord was showing me that my healing would be near. Regardless, I felt compelled to read the story of Naaman once more.  I started at 2 Kings 5:1 and when I reached verse 8, my spirit jumped at the following:  Let him come now to me, that he may know that there is a prophet in Israel.”

In Afrikaans, as I read it: dan sal hy weet dat daar ‘n profeet in Israel is.

Holy Spirit pointed out to me that it was not about my healing, but about prophecy. I know that I have the gift of prophecy, but I do not think of myself as a prophet.  Perhaps there will come a time when I will.

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