3 July 2019 – Bloom where you are planted, don’t move

Joyce Meyer was saying: Bloom where you are planted.  Do not try to move, until you have bloomed where you are planted.

At my work, I was promoted to manager and the beauty salon was closed for a month for renovations. However, my boss built a bar and wanted to start selling alcohol inside the salon.  To me, it was a big problem, as I want nothing to do with alcohol and he has no licence in anyway.

I wanted to resign, but after this message I thought against it for the time being. I stayed, did my best and tried to convince my boss to seek alternative methods for making money.  At times it seemed like he budged, but in the end, his mind was made up.

Nonetheless, I stayed and bloomed until it was time to leave.

3 July 2019 – Susan passed away

Susan was a childhood friend from my hometown. We haven’t seen each other in many, many years, but recently started talking again on Whatsapp.  For about two years.

This morning Susan’s mother called me to let me know that Susan had passed away. Her and her brother suffered with heart problems since birth and her brother, Jan, passed away almost the same time as my father did.

Out of the three children, Aunt Yvonne has one living son who has left home and has no contact with her whatsoever.

How terribly sad that she had three children and now effectively she has none.

I am praying that Helmi will go back to her.

4 July 2019 – A strange dream

This night I had a strange dream: I was on a plot, in an open field, looking for someone.  I do not remember much of it.  I do remember that the place seemed desolate, only few people there, no or I knew.  There was a building with scribbling on the wall.  As my view panned across the area, it all seemed familiar to me.  I was either at the place before or I had the dream before or both.  I am leaning more toward having dreamt it before.

Then came an unfamiliar bit: I stood behind a strange man, a pastor and I heard God say: “pack up your church”. Then there was a second pastor and I heard God say again:  “pack up your church”.  Then there was third pastor and I heard God say:  pack up your church.  I perceived this to mean that there are three church groups that God is displeased with – I am sure there must be many more, but this is how I dreamed it.  I am still praying about it and trusting God to give clarity.  The last church was the Seventh Day Adventist church and the pastor I saw, was no one that I know and I perceived him to be American.

5 July 2019 – They that wait upon the Lord

Ayanda on Radio Pulpit was talking to a lady who makes wigs – did not get the name – and one of them said: they that wait upon the Lord…Isaiah 40:31

In the weeks prior, it was a regular message and we continue to wait upon the Lord.

5, 6 July 2019 – I will not leave nor forsake you

My Happy Sabbath message for this weekend, which I prepared on Friday, was Hebrews 13:5b – I will not leave nor forsake you.

The following day, I was watching a teaching by Jim Baker and he too quoted 13:5 – Hebrews 13:5 Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

It is always a good reminder to hold on to: God will never leave or forsake us.

7 July 2019 – Revival, reformation

At the flea market, a lady called Zakia, came to me. We spoke a while and then she told me that God showed her that a revival/reformation is going to start in South Africa, in Vanderbijlpark in August.  The moment she said it, I got gooseflesh all over my body.

I knew it was a message from God for me.

I felt more like it was going to be in November, but it is possible that the preparation time starts in August 2019. So I have been going at it since August.

11, 15 July 2019 – Habakkuk 3:17

After all the times I have received Habakkuk 3:17, which is my “you are going to leave/lose your job” verse and it being so every time, I know without a moment’s doubt that it will indeed be so.

On 11 July Joyce Meyer quoted Habakkuk 3:17 and said: “even if you lose your job”.

My ears were pricked.

On 15 July I was searching for info on a church in Kroonstad and they had Habakkuk 3:17 displayed across their web page.

I knew for a fact that I was either going to resign or be dismissed.

16 July 2019 – 911, Revelation 9:11

This morning at around 02:00 God woke me up. I was very tired, but He woke me properly and told me:  “Google the significance of 911 to the Illuminati”.  If He said “Google the significance of 911 to the New World Order”, I may have missed the article I had to look for.  But when God is very specific in His instructions, it is so for a reason.

So I typed in “significance of 911 to the Illuminati” and a whole lot of articles came up regarding the Twin Tower Memorial or the New World Order.

I spent almost half an hour searching, not feeling that any of the info coming up, was the right info. Holy Spirit confirmed nothing.

Eventually I was getting tired and complained with the Lord: Lord, please can I go back to sleep.  I am so very tired.  His response:  Just a little bit longer.

So I kept looking and shortly after, found the right answer.

It is an article on a book which connects the Illuminati to Revelation 9:11 – They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit. His name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon.

This book explains how the Illuminati uses occult numerology to establish dates for disasters in order to usher in the New World Order.

I was shocked when I saw it. Took screen prints and went back to sleep.

Been praying about it ever since and have received some revelation.

19 July 2019 – You can have the victory, if you want it

Ayanda Nenemba was saying on Radio Pulpit: you can have the victory, if you want it.

Sometimes it feels so hard to attain, that giving up seems like an option.

Am I going to be so tired from trying, that I would not care to have the victory or not?

20 July 2019 – Prophecies Confirmed

Janine van Niekerk was confirming a prophecy about South Africa being the safe haven for Christians to flee to & that it will spread worldwide.

1 August 2019 – Resigned

At work, my boss and I had a difference and I could not agree with him on some of his approaches. He then told me:  If you can’t do this, take your stuff and f… off.

Me: Don’t swear at me.

Him: If you can’t do this, take your stuff and f… off.

So I saw that as my Habakkuk 3:17 cue to leave. So I left with immediate effect.

2, 3 August 2019 – Stronger, just a little longer, Joshua 1:9, You will reach the promised land

So, knowing November is the month in 2019 that God intended for me, it felt a long time away. On the 2nd, Mandisa’s Stronger was playing and the words are “hold on, just a little bit longer”.  It always reminds me to hang in there, even if I want to quit.

Later that afternoon, Ayanda played a voice note by a listener, which quoted Joshua 1:9.

On the 3rd on Radio Pulpit, one Danny said:  You will reach the Promised Land.  Persevere.

Later that day Jeremiah 33:3 came up.

Also, for some time I had an idea for a country’s flag: White material with gold embroidered on it.  No symbols, words only, but I was never sure of the words to use, then it came to me:  Jeremiah 33:16 – In those days Judah will be saved and Jerusalem will dwell securely. And this is the name by which it will be called: ‘The LORD is our righteousness.’  In Hebrew:  YHWH TSIDKENU

08, 12 August 2019 – Zakia, communion, Saul vs David type of leadership

Zakia and I had a meeting. We went to a park and sat on the grass.  She took out two juices and some biscuits and we had communion.

I told her of my calling and she gave me valuable advice.

Later the afternoon, Ayanda and Lisa on Radio Pulpit discussed being “processed” by God. Ayanda referred to the difference between Saul and David’s leadership and Lisa pointed out Joseph.

More often than not, hard times create humbler leaders.

A few days earlier, Zakia sent me a Whatsapp message out of the blue about conquering myself.

09, 14, 20 August 2019 – Fret not, Joshua 1:9

On the afternoon of the 14th, Johann Els quoted Jeremiah 12:5 – “If you have raced with men on foot, and they have wearied you, how will you compete with horses? And if in a safe land you are so trusting, what will you do in the thicket of the Jordan?

This is the FRET NOT message God gave me on 1 April 2013 and it was a good reminder needed at the time.

On the 20th Joyce Meyer repeated the other FRET NOT verse:  Psalm 37:1 Of David. Fret not yourself because of evildoers; be not envious of wrongdoers!

Also, later that afternoon Johann Els and Arnold Geertz quoted Joshua 1:9 – Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the LORD your God is with you wherever you go.”

25 August 2019 – JFK’s assassination date

A few days prior I was prompted by Holy Spirit to work through the 12 DVD series by Walter Veight. It contains a lot of Biblical and secular information.  I would switch it on and listen to it, while carrying on with my work.

At one point there was a section on the conspiracy of John F Kennedy’s assassination. At that point, for some reason, I was sitting at my laptop, so I watched that section.  It actually shows how the driver pulls a gun and shoots Kennedy at close range.  Walter Veight commented that these conspirators like the number 11.  I took note of his words, as Holy Spirit drew it to my attention.

About two days after, being busy in the kitchen, I felt Holy Spirit urgently prompt me to Google JFK’s assassination date.

I dropped everything I was busy with and ran the few steps to my laptop. I saw the month of November and knew it was right.  I did a sum, but it was wrong and Holy Spirit pushed me to total it again.

Friday, 22 November 1963

1963 ⇒ 1+ 9 = 10 + 6 = 16 + 3 = 19 ⇒ 2019

I checked what day 22 November 2019 will be and it is also going to be a Friday.

I was amazed and prayed about this. God is trying to show something here.

2019.11 is connected to Revelation 9:11.

1 September 2019 – What must I do, Lord

On this Sunday, at the flea market – it was very cold – I took a walk to a sunny patch, praying about what God wants me to do.

Business is very slow and I was very worried.

So I asked God: Lord, You know I am without a job and I need to do something to sustain myself.  But business is very poor lately.  What do You want me to do?  What must I do next?  And please tell me very clearly.  I don’t want to have to guess or wonder.  Please tell me clearly.

For a year or two, I have wanted to sing at the flea market. Only one song:  All Fire Up by Pat Benatar.  But they would not allow “amateurs” to sing there.

Just as I finished praying, I heard an electric guitar beat. At first I thought it was All Fired Up, but then I thought:  no!  Then the lyrics started and it was All Fired Up.

I went to Frans who makes the music and asked him why he played that song. He said that he heard it earlier in the week and forgot how much he liked it, so he downloaded it and played it for the first time at the flea market.

I saw this as God telling me to sing. I have prayed for a singing career for the most part of my life.  Doors just never seemed to open.  Perhaps it is the fullness of time now.

3 September 2019 – Victory, Victorious, Victory, hit back, Joshua 1:8

As mentioned before, sometimes it is so difficult to feel victorious or even still want the victory.

On this morning the victory related words were thriving again: Franna Benade’s song Victory in Christ;  Joyce Meyer was talking about being a victorious Christian and victory.  She also said that when satan comes with a lie, we have to hit back with scripture.

A little later I was working through a teaching by Timothy Jennings and he quoted Joshua 1:8 – This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

For me, Joshua 1 and victory go together.

5 September 2019 – Peach blossoms

This night I had a strange dream. I had pink blossoms very close to my face and I was looking at them, realising immediately that they were peach blossoms.  I heard God saying that the trees will not bloom anymore.  Habakkuk 3:17 was in my mind in my dream and when I woke, but this time it was not about me losing or leaving my job.  I perceived it as literal that the trees will not blossom again.

Habakkuk 3:17, 18 – Though the fig tree should not blossom, nor fruit be on the vines, the produce of the olive fail and the fields yield no food, the flock be cut off from the fold and there be no herd in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the LORD; I will take joy in the God of my salvation.

11, 13, 14 September 2019 – A farm, auditions, bad dreams

About two weeks after God told me that I have to sing, I received a Whatsapp from Hester for singers to audition for a show. I do not get the newspaper anymore, so I was glad for the article which she sent me a picture of.

On the 13th I was Googling some areas around the Vaal Triangle.  My eye kept catching a name so I typed the name in but was diverted elsewhere.  I scrolled back down and looked at the name for a little while and wondered what was there.  I recalled that I heard many years ago, that it was/is a farm.

On the 14th I was driving to Vereeniging and turned into a road, but was not sure if it was the correct one.  I slowed down to ask the car guard if I was heading in the right direction.  He said:  de Villiers street is that side, princess.  I couldn’t help but smile.  Lately I have been getting that a lot.  Being called either princess, Milady, My lady or Lady MacBride.  Perhaps I own a castle in Scotland or Ireland or both?  Hehe.

When I finally arrived at the audition and it was my turn – I did pretty okay. Forgot the words a little, but almost unnoticeable and managed to get the high notes and sustain the long ones.  But when it was time to climb down the stairs, I thought my jelly legs would not carry me.

Afterward I spoke to Coert, who is co-arranging this show and I asked him about a career in opera music. He said I could do it, just need technique and practice.  I told him that I would like to sing Puccini’s Madame Butterfly one day.  It’s a dream of mine.

I asked if he was driving in from Joburg every time, then he told me that he lives on a farm. The exact same farm I was looking at just the day before, wondering what was there.

I was stunned. God is so amazing.  It served to me as a confirmation that I am on the right track.

I do believe that singing will help my voice improve for speeches and training, which is also what I want to do. Also to fight stage fright, a huge issue for me.

And I pray that a door will open for me.

That night I had an unpleasant dream that my cat had died and a few nights earlier I dreamt I was looking for his younger brother-kitty – who died eight years ago. I know I will not have Frisco forever but I am praying for a little more time.

16 September 2019 – React on the prompting

Whilst watching one of Steven Furtick’s sermons, he mentions that God gives us a promise, then a prompting and that we are to act on the prompting. It is crucial.  How many blessings and promises have been missed because the prompting was not acted upon?

17 September 2019 – Scotland and Ireland

On Pulpit News it was reported that Scotland broke an ICC record and that they will play against the hosts, Ireland.

Whenever I see a picture of a harp, it reminds me of Ireland and lately I have been seeing many of them. On the one picture, which I found whilst looking for something else, it mentions a new song, as previously indicated in my testimony, a victory and it has a harp in it.  To me it is almost an all in one message.

I still believe God wants to show me something regarding Scotland and Ireland and I am praying about it.

19 September 2019 – Of one mind, Revelation study

As I was studying through Revelation, I came to Revelation 17:13 These are of one mind and hand over their power and authority to the beast.

It reminded me of the One World Order or New World Order having one religion – and it is not Christianity, one language and one monetary unit.

At some point I was looking at the Dollar Bill and other New World Order plans. Here is some of what came up:

Nuclear and Chemical Warfare

The article reads: This is what USAF Bomber pilots would wear during a Nuclear Apocalypse. Immediately it looked like the StarWars troopers.  Are we being so desensitized by Hollywood that these things will be acceptable when they appear for real to do real harm?


The new StarWars movie (9) to be released in December 2019 apparently refers to hidden fleets of Palpatine and it was hidden in the Unknown Regions. It made me think of Revelation 9 of the bottomless pit.  We do not know what secret operations governments have been busy with and how they have hidden it.  Often the NOW plans are portrayed in Hollywood movies.

One Dollar note

Furthermore, they have etched their mottos and their plans and their worship into the Dollar and other governmental organisations to indicate where their allegiance is.

30 September 2019 – God’s love letter to you

On this day I had another coaching session with Veronica. These sessions have been extremely powerful to help with getting rid of toxic neural paths and creating new, healthy paths.

This morning she did a specific exercise with me. She only told me afterwards that the Lord had prompted her to do this specific one with me.

We took a few deep breaths, then she read a story of me climbing a mountain, halfway up, I look back over the past of my life: all the successes and failures.  Then I get to a hang bridge with a deep abyss, but I cross it, knowing it is sturdy and safe.  At some places the mountain was very steep with rocks and it was difficult to get a foothold at times.  I then summit the top and look over God’s beautiful creation.  (I already started crying when we were just halfway up.)

Then as I look around, I see a little cottage on the top of the mountain. I go there and enter inside, sit down and relax and refresh.  Then comes in a mentor.  At first I imagined it to be Pastor Peter, as he is a mentor to me, but it changed immediately to Jesus.

She then said I asked my Mentor one question. Immediately my thought was:  Can I go with You, please!?  She then said the Mentor answers.  In my mind He said:  The time is not right yet.

Needless to say, I felt a bit disappointed. This life is tough and hard and going it alone makes it harder.  I feel like God’s promises are so close, but I feel too tired to take them.

Then she said that the Mentor gives me a gift. Immediately in my mind, I saw a wrapped gift, but I knew exactly what was inside it:  a Bible.  My memory was jolted back to September last year and I started crying.

September 2018 a friend named Rhona told me that God had kept her awake the entire night, to give me a message. She continued that God told her that I am not following His leading and that there were gifts that He had given me, which I had not yet opened and if I knew which gifts they were.  I was to pray about it a day or so – I cannot exactly recall if we saw each other the next night or a few nights later – initially I thought it was the next night, but they did not come every night and I remember taking a day or so to pray about it.  My conclusion was that it was Love and I asked my sister and M what they thought it was.  They both said love.

When I saw Rhona, I told her that it was love, but then she told me no, it is not love, but in fact the Bible. I have not been using the Word as I should be.  I initially thought that it meant that I was neglecting my Bible study, but it was deeper than that.

I told Veronica this and then she said: I feel God is telling me tell you that The Bible is His love letter to YOU, Ruth.  She continued to explain that I see the Bible as there for everyone else but not for me.  The love, the sacrifice was for everyone else, but not me, as though I was not worthy of it, which of course is not true.

God is so very faithful to complete the work He started in us.

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