1 October 2019 – God wants to tell you something, Shine in the darkness

The message by Word for Today, was so aimed at me. For many reasons.  God was busy telling me things, plus His very express message to me in December 2018 for my 2019 message, was Jeremiah 33:3.  And He is busy making astounding revelations to me!

This morning Brian de Villiers reminded me over Radio Pulpit that we have to shine our lights. My New Year’s message for 2019 was that we are to shine our lights.  It becomes so easy to forget when hardship dims our spirits.

But I am always reminded of how Paul and Silas were singing praises at midnight, after being beaten and locked up in prison. These great church planters trusted God so much.  We should also.

3, 4, 11, 14 October 2019 – Some more Scotland and Ireland, pack up and move, like Abraham

On the morning of the 3rd on the news our ladies rugby team lost against Scotland.

Later the afternoon on the news it was mentioned that a storm is about to hit Ireland. Also that Ireland beat Fiji and that Scotland is third on the ranking.

After that was Kalahari stories – Wind in ons voete – and it mentioned packing up and moving like Abraham did. I have been prepping mentally (for lack of prepping physically) for a long haul move for some time now.  If God wants to move me, He will.  Probably soon.

On the 4th I opened a mail from HeartMath and the first thing my eye caught, was the word Scotland.

On the 11th it was mentioned over the news that Scotland was upset that the Japanese rugby union did not prepare a contingency plan for the storm that was about to hit Japan and the problems it caused.

Also in the sports news it was mentioned that Ireland was defeated in their rugby match.

After that Derek Prince was talking of the persecution in Scotland. When a lass was stopped by authorities on her way to the underground church, she was asked where she was on her way to.  She could not disclose the information and did not want to lie.  Her response was (and it is beautiful!):  I AM ON MY WAY TO MY FATHER’S HOUSE.  MY OLDER BROTHER PASSED AWAY AND I AM GOING TO HEAR HIS WILL.

God being the Father, the house being the underground church and Jesus being the older Brother. To hear His will is to receive Word, The Bible.

On the 14th on the news, it was reported that Scotland lost against hosts Japan in the rugby world cup.

14 October 2019 – Your joy will return, Why do people marry?

On this day I was feeling particularly lonely and isolated. I pray for my God-chosen husband everyday and even though I sometimes get very close to giving up, I keep on keeping on.

When I read the Word for Today, I started sobbing. Yes, I know all too well hugging my pillow at night.

This life is hard, but I think it is easier when there is someone who loves a person and to stand next to a person through good times and bad.

As a woman, what I miss very much, is to be held when I am sad or scared or any other time. Just having a strong pair of arms encircling me, a safe-haven to hide from all the calamity.  Even if only for a little while.

I am regularly reminded of Susan Sarandon’s character – Mrs Clarke – in the movie, Shall We Dance? It is a classic statement.

15 October 2019 – My brother-in-law celebrated

This day it was 21 years since Abrie was shot in the head. Besides the wound at the back of his head where no hair grows and the tunnel vision he has, he has no other issues left from that shooting.

He was working as a cash in transit guard when they were attacked. One of the attackers got onto the roof and shot through it.  The bullet ricocheted against the back of the van and hit Abrie in the back of the head and settled agaist his skull.  He slumped forward.

The driver managed to speed away, whilst applying pressure to Abrie’s wound with his left hand. They escaped with their lives.

At the hospital, the doctor was concerned to operate as the swelling of his brain would cause many complications. The doctor decided against operating immediately, in order for the swelling to subdue.

That night a preacher went to Abrie and asked to be left alone with him. He prayed for Abrie and then left.

When the doctor was ready to operate, he had more x-rays taken and discovered that the bullet was gone and that he did not have to operate anymore.

Abrie recovered almost fully and we praise God for his life.

20 October 2019 – Just one more confirmation, please

This Sunday morning I was working at the flea market. I asked God please for one more confirmation that things are indeed going down in November. That November is the month to look out for.

I was on my way to one of the other stalls to buy something. Holy Spirit said to me:  “deduct Kennedy’s assassination year from this year”.

Only when I returned to our stall, did I do the math: 2019 – 1963 = 56  and  5 + 6 = 11

I was amazed. I asked God if November is the month and from JFK’s assassination year and this year, He confirmed it.  The numbers I have to look out for is 19, 11 and 911.

23 October 2019 – Hostages and Ransom

My landlord was telling me that some banks in Joburg were taken hostage and held ransom.

For many years I thought that part of the New World Order’s push for global unity would be global systems crashing or being hacked.

On 12 January 2018 I was working on my laptop when an AVG pop up appeared about Meltdown and Spectre. I made a print screen and kept it until recently after which I checked what it was about.

30 October 2019 – Breakfast with Rory

This morning I sent Rory a message that I needed to talk to him some time. It was about my 19.11 – 911 theory. It happened to be that he had a day’s leave, so he took me for breakfast.  It’s how God planned it.

Upon getting to the point about JFK’s assassination, Rory told me that there were many similarities between JFK and Lincoln’s assassinations. Holy Spirit nudged me and I made a mental note.

At some point Rory said to me: what does my number end with.  Me:  911.  I remembered that he told me years ago that he requested his nr to end with 911, as he is a first responder and fire chief of a large company.

Out of the Lincoln assassination God revealed many points to me again.

For the full information on this, please see my site at Enter Site – Testimonies – 2019.11 = 911

31 October 2019 – Things to come, Let your light shine so

This morning Bertha le Roux Waal was talking to Pickard Henn and Aaron on Radio Pulpit. During the conversation, Pickard quoted John 16:13 – When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.

I still had some doubts about these messages God was giving me, but after hearing this, I was more secure in my faith.

Again, “let your light shine so” came up and after that the song by Romanz – Wees Lig – played.

After that, Mpho Putini said: you can’t do it on your own.

I know! I thought.  I have reached out to a few people, just to be met with … either downright disbelief or some enthusiasm.  At least my sister is always supportive.  And one or two other friends.  The trend for the most part is:  “well if God placed it on your heart, then that is what you should believe”.

My point is, if God placed it on my heart and it is an urgent message, shouldn’t everyone believe it?


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